How work-life in the 21st century is affecting our social life?

How work-life in the 21st century is affecting our social life?

Maintaining a balance is necessary for almost every aspect of life. In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to manage their work and social life both. Due to the increasing competition and population of the world, employers are expecting more from their employees and burdening them with more and more work.

Being stressed and overworked is detrimental to both a person’s mental and physical health. It can cause a wide variety of mental health conditions to an upset stomach and even increases the chances of having heart-related illnesses and stroke. This is why everyone needs to find their balance. 

As being inflicted by health issues will jeopardize almost everything in your life.


Working overtime

People working overtime for long hours throughout weeks or months have no time left for any recreational activities. They have no time or energy to maintain a social life.

This has adverse consequences on the human brain. Such habits increase the risk of facing burnout which happens when someone feels overwhelmed and unable to achieve his goals.

Why is a balanced work routine important?

It is important to discourage working long hours and encourage a person to have fixed working hours. Having no time or balance puts a strain on relationships.

It is important to make time to do activities you love. Make time for your hobbies and meet friends and families. Social interaction is a very important aspect of adult life. Having people you can trust and rely on is important for your well-being.


When a person has a balanced work-life, it increases their ability to focus and concentrate. It makes a person both physically and mentally strong making them a reliable candidate for a job. It improves their overall performance.

Work stress and feeling overwhelmed by the immense workload make it hard to maintain relationships. Thus, people should be encouraged to find hobbies and join clubs and make time for their friends and family to live a happy and content life.